Green Venture Hosts Japanese Garden Volunteers

Hello. We are international students from Japan. We have stayed in Hamilton about one month to work at Green Venture as volunteers. We had never experienced gardening before we came here, so we learned a lot of things. For example, we did weeding, seeding and digging.

At first, we thought weeding was very easy for us, but when we actually tried it, it was tiring. Moreover, the day when the sun was shining brightly, it made us more tired.

Now we will talk about seeding. Before we tried seeding, we plowed the hillside. It was a hard work for us because the soil was so solid. But when it was completed, we were glad to make new land by ourselves. We are also glad to create more nature, because we must preserve this beautiful natural scenery.

We like this work because we can commune with nature. We live near Tokyo and it is a very busy city, so to spend time at natural environment like this place has put us at ease.

We are also happy to meet people who work at Green Venture. We can’t speak and understand English well and can’t do anything without support. But thanks to everyone, we can work pleasantly. We deeply appreciated this surrounding.  We will go back home on August 24, so we will work here only 6 more times. We are sad, but we will do our best for the next 6 days.

-Hanako & Manami


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  1. Posted by Rose Bergeron on August 22, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    Was this part of an exchange or they just decided on their own to visit lovely Hamilton?


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