What is in the air? Two schools are finding out!

An exciting initiative is taking place at Holy Name of Jesus School and St. Lawrence School thanks to dedicated staff, students, funders and community partners.

Since December of 2012, Green Venture has partnered with the schools to implement air quality monitoring projects.  With access to a Ministry of Environment vehicle that collects air samples, the goal is to get a snapshot of air quality in the neighourhoods around both schools.

Over the years, Green Venture has outreached to various neighbourhoods with similar projects and this is the first time we have partnered with schools.

“This is a great connection, we want the students to be informed of what the air quality is like in their community and stress to them that they can play a role in improving the air.” states Juby Lee, coordinator of the Mobile Air Monitor project for Green Venture.  “For example, for those that can, we suggest that students walk / bike / car pool to school, these simple measures postively impact our air quality.””The project is simple, Green Venture has access to a Mobile Air Quality Monitor vehicle that takes air samples of various pollutants: Sulphur Oxides, Carbon Dioxides, Oxides of Nitrogen, Particulate Matters 2.5 and 10 (the numbers refer to the size of matter).  

The neat aspect about a mobile monitor is that takes snapshots of air quality.  Its mobility allows us to go to “hot spots” as well as green spaces to do a comparison of their levels. We can go where the stationary monitors cannot.”

In partnership with Ministry of Environment, samples have been taken from December to February.  The students will start an Anti-Idling Campaign to raise awareness around issues with idling and have the students active on improving air quality. 

An addition, Green Venture would like to thank Levitt Safety, a corporation that rents / sells workplace safety equipment.  They sponsored a Particulate Matter monitoring device for 2.5 weeks that we used to collect samples at both schools.  With this portable, desktop air quality monitor, he students were able to do some of their own monitoring.  

Special thanks to Green Communities Canada and Healthy Communities Fund.  One of the exciting aspects of this project is that is a pilot, Green Venture is hoping to create similar projects across Ontario and the rest of Canada.    Thanks to Minister of Environment for access to their mobile air quality vehicles, these monitors are unique and there are only two in all of Canada and they are housed in Hamilton.   Thanks to Clean Air Hamilton for their support.

This is a project of Green Venture and we thank both schools for all their support.  In March /and April, presentations will be made at both schools as well as North End Neighbours Association and Crown Point meetings.

For more information, please visit www.greenventure.ca


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