Green Venture representatives receive national awards!


Stephanie Holko – Outstanding Board Member – Green Communities Canada 2013 award


Clare Wagner – Outstanding Staff Person – Green Communities Canada 2013 award

Green Venture’s Stephanie Holko  received the 2013 Outstanding Board Member, and Clare Wagner the 2013 Outstanding Staff Person award in recognition of their hard work in the service of the environment and the City of Hamilton.

“We’re very impressed with the accomplishments of Clare and Stephanie,” said Clifford Maynes, of Green Communities Canada, a national organization which conferred the award at its recent Annual General Meeting. “We want to take this opportunity to congratulate them and their community supporters for everything that’s been achieved to date, and to wish them the best for the years to come.”

Maynes noted that it is far from easy to maintain and grow an organization like Green Venture, with its excellent programs and partnerships (see to learn more).

“It takes determination, entrepreneurship, and constant innovation,” he said.

“Environmental sustainability is an urgent goal, but we’re not going to get there overnight. We need people like Clare and Stephanie that will keep working away — through good times and difficult times.”

Green Communities Canada is a national association of more than two dozen community organizations that help people go green – at home, at work, on the road, and throughout their communities. See:

For more information, contact Clifford Maynes, Executive Director at or 705-745-7479 x 118.

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