Put a Roof over our Heads!

Build an Outdoor Education Centre at EcoHouse.

Our environment is precious. Let’s work to preserve it through hands-on learning in a natural setting. Green Venture is looking for voting help for an Aviva Community Fund grant. This on-line competition requires the public to vote for projects. Voting takes place between Sept 30 and Oct 14, 2013. Your support for this project will help fund class tours of EcoHouse for students in Hamilton and surrounding region, and will also provide an interpretive centre on the grounds suitable for outdoor education programs.

To vote (requires an easy and free registration), go here: http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf16853

Create an Outdoor Education Space

If successful, the open-air Outdoor Education Centre will be located in the SW corner of the 2-acre Glen Manor estate, part of a lush oasis in the heart of the East Hamilton neighbourhood resting in the shadow of the Niagara Escarpment. The Outdoor Education Centre will be integrated into the existing fruit garden plantings in that section of the EcoHouse grounds, where staff discuss the virtues of poly culture in food production and the role of various fruit plantings historically in the old Saltfleet Township and the Niagara fruit belt.

Our Outdoor Education Centre will accommodate up to 24 students at a time, and will be used by all groups visiting EcoHouse as part of the two-hour indoor and outdoor programs on sustainable living. A raised platform with railings, will be complemented by a loft ceiling and a roof built with sustainable materials. Two rain barrels will collect rainwater for nearby fruit plantings. Green Venture staff and volunteers will conduct education sessions from a small raised dais. Recycling options and a small teaching storage case will round out the outdoor programming offerings.

Urban wildlife visits Green Venture's EcoHouse

Urban wildlife visits Green Venture’s EcoHouse


 Bring Students to EcoHouse

If successful, at least 15 classes (600 students) will receive, at no charge, an educational program at Green Venture with hands-on activities and curriculum links to Grades 5-6 and 7-8, including transportation to and from the site.

The Outdoor Education Centre will continue to be of benefit to the community, with over 2000 students visiting annually per year. The structure will also be available to groups wishing to utilize the EcoHouse grounds for public functions. Signage will be erected to thank Aviva for their generous contribution.

 Key components:

1. No-charge education programs for at least 15 classes (600 students)

2. Transportation provided for at least 15 classes

3. Teaching platform, steps, and loft ceiling

4. Environmentally-sustainable metal roof and eavestrough

5. Four round six-seater picnic tables

6. Teaching supplies chest

7. Segregated upright bin for recycling collection

8. Two rain barrels for rainwater collection and plantings



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