NEW! EcoHouse Greywater System

At Green Venture we are very excited to say that we are in the process of installing a greywater system for our EcoHouse! A greywater system recycles wastewater from showers, baths, sinks, laundry machines or rainwater on-site. The system then reuses that same wastewater for either irrigation or toilet water. With greywater not only will you be diminishing the amount of water you take from the waterways, you will also be saving on your water bill, helping you while you help the environment. On average, a greywater system saves a residential home between 30-40% on their annual water bill.

Here at Green Venture we obtain our greywater from rainwater runoff from a portion of our roof. We then recycle that water through our greywater system and the same water is used for flushing our dual flush toilet. Before the greywater reaches the toilet bowl it is purified through a BARC tank, which eliminates any floating or sinking substances. After the filter gets rid of unwanted substances, the greywater is stored for future cn toweruse. The system will also automatically flush down the greywater if that water is stagnant for too long, or there is too much greywater to store. By using the rainwater runoff from just a section of the roof, Green Venture will be conserving over 20,000L of water per year. That means less fresh water being extracted from local waterways, saving on water bills and doing our part to live more sustainably.

The greywater system allows us to conserve a significant amount of water as the toilet is responsible for using up to 30% of a household’s water usage. On average a family of four who uses a dual-flush toilet will use around 28,000L of water per year for flushing alone. That amount of water could fill over 50,000 conventional sized water bottles. If you stack all of the water bottles on top of one another they would be over two and a half times taller than the CN tower building.

The greywater system can be installed on both a residential and commercial scale.

Although we are only collecting greywater from our rain runoff most locations incorporate wastewater from sinks, showers/baths and laundry machines. If you were to incorporate the wastewater from your sink and if while brushing your teeth you left the sink on for two minutes then you would have accumulated 32L of wastewater. Our dual flush toilet only uses 4L per flush, therefore, those 32L of wasted water from brushing your teeth could sustain up to 8 flushes of the toilet.

The greywater system is an innovative solution to recycling our water. Even the Mars Desert Research Station uses greywater, and experiments with having the greywater
system used for future potential trips to Mars. Not only is the greywater system helping us protect our environment, but it’s allowing us to bring and sustain water in place where we never could before.

Written by: Brittney Massey


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