Vendor Profile – Eat Industries Inc.

As many of you know, Green Venture’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Eat IndustriesUpRoot Hamilton is rapidly approaching – this Saturday Oct 3rd at EcoHouse. UpRoot Hamilton is a platform to showcase local food and drink in a beautiful heritage setting while celebrating 20 years of community outreach, education and making the Hamilton region a more environmentally-friendly place to work, live and play.

When Fundraising and Events Coordinator Ashley Keenan came across Eat Industries Inc at the 2015 Hamilton Beer Festival she knew that they had to be a part of this vision. Earlier this year business partners Brandon Jackson and Matt Pigeon moved away freatind2om the Toronto food scene to start a business here in Hamilton based on local, fresh, seasonal and handcrafted items. “I love the Hamilton area” says co-owner Brandon Jackson, “The community here is embracing new things and really care about local start-ups.” Aside from their farm-to-table approach to business, Brandon also keeps ‘green’ at home with his family by biking and harvesting meals from his garden.

Eat Industries showcases local foods, butcher their own meat and take care to make all their items themselves or alternatively use products from other fresh and sustainable Hamilton establishments. It is truly amazing to see a vendor starting a food establishment, and hopefully soon to be a food chain, which is customer driven and environmentally responsible; showing us that ‘fast food’ doesn’t have to be cheap or sacrifice flavour.

Eat Industries Inc is currently operating ‘popuproot-up style’ in multiple locations around the city as well as having a perman
ent location in the Hamilton Farmer’s Market. Be sure to try their tasty creations at UpRoot Hamilton this Saturday! Get your tickets here.


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