Go Green this Halloween with our EEK-O-Friendly Tips!

In just a week, the trick-or-treaters will be out but celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to be a bellyache (unless you eat all that candy!). This year, why not swap one of your traditions for something a little more eco-friendly, say making your own decorations or mixing up some homemade face paint? Here are 10 ways to green your Halloween:

  1. Buy local pumpkins! Find a local farm hereglowpumpkin.
  2. A trip to your yard or the farmers market will provide everything you need to dress up your house for Halloween: leaves and branches, hay bales, gourds, pumpkins, mums, dried flowers.
  3. Don’t dump those pumpkin seeds after carving! Clean, salt and roast them for a real treat.
  4. Have an old pair of stockings with runs in them? They make great spider webs!
  5. Organize a costume swap with friends, parents in your neighbourhood or at school
  6. Light your pumpkins with beeswax candles or soy waxes which last longer and come from renewable crops, or try using glow in the dark paint.
  7. Make face paints free from heavy metals at home. Here’s a great tutorial.
  8. Turn out the lights and save some green. Light candles instead and enjoy your jack-o-lanterns.
  9. Compost the gourd – Compost those old jack-o-lanterns, food scraps and fallen leaves for great soil next spring. If you don’t have your own compost pile, look for local pumpkin recycling.
  10. Next year try growing your own pumpkins in the backyard for an especially Green Halloween!

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