Dry Spring Solutions

What do you get when combine your life’s passion with an amazing team of earth-loving co-workers? …. Green Venture!

 My name is Chelsea and I am a new Educational Support Staff here at Green Venture.  My background is in teaching children how to grow food and dig in the dirt.  Working with kids is very rewarding (and at times challenging) and it is always nice to see a group of little ones exploring in the community gardens at Eco House.  There is so much to see, from the pollinator gardens to the community plots to the Red Wigglers who help to feed our plants.  The kids are excited and engaged and a lot of fun.  We help them make connections to their environment through games and arts and trivia, which is fun for both the kids and myself.

I have learned so much in the short time that I have been here and it’s nice to feel a part of the greater Hamilton community which is thriving and full of people helping to make our city a cleaner and greener place to live.  Green Venture is an awesome place to work and Eco House is a little hidden gem to those who haven’t yet discovered it.

Over the last few weeks the kids and I have been in the garden weeding, planting, and watering.  Have you noticed what a dry spring we have had?

 Here are a few tips this spring to get you in the garden and keep you from having to pull out the hose everyday:

 1. Get a rain barrel! When it does rain you can store and use this free water (which plants love) to hydrate your garden.

 2. Spread a couple of inches of compost or composted manure on the garden in the early spring. Don’t worry; it’s not too late! At the same time, moisten peat moss in a bucket or wheelbarrow until it is thoroughly soaked. Spread peat moss over the garden. Compost and manure add nutrients to the soil and also improve its texture so it uses water more efficiently. Peat moss can hold up to 20 times its weight in water, making it an excellent addition to a dryer garden.Layer the compost and peat moss onto the soil and lightly mix.

3. Add a few inches of mulch to the surface of your gardens. Not only does it help to keep the soil underneath moist but also it keeps the unwanted invasive plants and weeds out of your garden naturally.

4. Remember to take your kids out to the garden with you. They are great little helpers and usually love to get dirty..

Stay tuned for more tips about natural gardening from the staff at Green Venture this growing season… Happy soil amending!


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