2014 EcoHouse FrontEcoHouse is an environmental education demonstration centre operated by Green Venture in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Experience Greener Living!

A converted 1850s-stone farmhouse, EcoHouse has hosted the offices of Green Venture for over a decade. The house and surrounding 2-acre property also serves as an education and demonstration centre dedicated to demonstrating environmental technologies from the past, present and future.

EcoHouse shows citizens that it is possible to live in a sustainable manner, in harmony with our environment, and that the cost to do so does not necessarily need to compromise budget or lifestyle.

Visitors are able to view and use environmentally friendly products, and discover where they can be purchased.

Over 8,000 students from across Southern Ontario visit EcoHouse each school year, where guided tours and interactive content linked to curricula are available and led by specialist guides.

EcoHouse is also open to the public year-round. Although guided tours must be booked in advance, self-guided tours are always available.

For more information, please visit Green Venture’s website. 


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