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Catching the Air Quality Enemy– Fugitive Dust

Fugitive Dust is the term for the dust that gets into our air or water as a side effect of everyday actions or sources such as cars, construction vehicles, agriculture, and outdoor storage piles.

These dusts, called ‘particulate matter’ are a pollutant and have a serious negative effect on our air quality.

Industrial sites are often a main source of these fugitive dusts as many heavy vehicles move around sites and track particles onto the road.  Other traffic then moves the dirt around and into our air and water. This dirt is called ‘drag-out’ and it can get especially bad on sites with open storage piles and dirt roads. While things like vehicle exhaust and tire wear also create nasty dusts, the impact of drag-out is very easy to prevent.

Drag out of dust can contribute to air pollution

Drag out of dust can contribute to air pollution

There are many steps industrial sites, such as construction zones, need to take to decrease the impact of dust on our air quality such as covering supplies and washing vehicles before they leave a site.  It isn’t just a suggestion, it’s the law. Municipal By-Laws forbid the tracking of mud, soil or building materials on to public roads and The City can fine violators for costs to clean up the mess.

The best thing to do is to snap a photo (if you can) and then report the violation. Environment Hamilton has a great program called Dust Busters all about drag out and how you can help. Visit their website to find all the details on reporting a problem:

You can also find more about this topic, and lots of other information about air quality in Hamilton, from the CleanAir Hamilton website.

Green Venture is offering transit programs for older adults and for elementary students.

I Ride The HSR, connecting older adults with public transit.

Green Venture has been offering bus education programs for several years through the Totally Transit program.  This program introducespeople to the HSR, and provides them with the information needed to take the bus.  Green

hsrVenture is expanding this program to cater to older adults. Through a series of free workshops offered at four locations in Hamilton, older adults will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate public transit.  Topics such as local bus routes, bus fare and passes, seniors’ discounts, and trip planning will be covered.

After a 45 minute presentation on taking the bus, an optional 15 minute presentation will be offered on how to use Google maps to plan your

trip, for those who use the internet.  All workshop participants will have the opportunity to
fill out a form requesting bus trip planning to two destinations.  Green Venture will mail participants step by step instructions explaining how to take the bus to their destinations.

Participants will have the opportunity to sign up for a guided bus trip, where they will travel in small groups of 2-4 on the bus with a trained bus travel guide.  Free bus tickets will be provided, and the travel guide will orient them on how to use the bus while they ride to a fun location for
an outing, before travelling back to their starting point on the bus together.

Taking the bus is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to get around our city.  The HSR carries millions of passengers each year and operates comprehensive bus routes throughout Hamilton.  These workshops will discuss HSR bus services and focus on the neighbourhood around the workshop location.

Workshops will be offered at:

Tues Feb 19, 10:30am-12pm at Westdale Library (955 King St W)

Mon Feb 25, 10:30am-12pm at Turner Park Library (352 Rymal Rd E)

Thurs Feb 28. 10:30am-12pm at New Village Retirement Home (490 Hwy 8)

Mon March 4, 9:30-11am at Sackville Hill Seniors’ Recreation Centre (780 Upper Wentworth St)

Registration is not required to attend a workshop.
To sign up for a guided bus trip, please call 905-540-8787 ext 154.

Grades 5, 6, 7  – Totally Transit Program

Get on board Green Venture’s bus education program and prepare your students to ride city transit safely and effectively.  Totally Transit equips young bus riders with the tools they need to ride transit and make the connections between our transportation choices, energy use, air quality, climate change and healthy communities.  Best of all the students put their knowledge to the test on a privately chartered Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) city bus.

Green Venture and the HSR chartered bus come right to the school doors to deliver Totally Transit on-site or the bus can be your transportation to and from an EcoHouse tour.

To book a school tour and free bus trip, please call 905-540-8787 ext 154 or email

Bike to Work Day – Celebrating Cycling in Hamilton on May 30th

Green Venture is supporting Smart Commute’s Bike to Work Day on Monday May 30th with our staff taking part in the events of the day and riding to work in various Group Rides.

Bike to Work Day is an excellent way to celebrate Hamilton as a “cycling and active community!” Individuals can choose to participate in many ways including Group Rides, as a Group Ride Leader, or if you prefer, riding solo on your own route.

Gore Park Celebration

Those riding downtown are joining in the Gore Park Bike to Work Day Celebration from 7:45 to 8:30am. While enjoying a snack you can meet other residents interested in cycling. Seasoned cycling commuters will be sharing tips on safe cycling and favourite routes throughout Hamilton. 

You can learn tips to help maintain your bike and make your cycling commute easy and fun! Engage in conversation with city cycling staff and learn about what the city is doing to promote cycling in Hamilton.

Find out what you can do to improve cycling in your neighbourhoods and throughout the city. Come give the HSR bus bike rack a try at an onsite demonstration.


If your interested in joining a Group Ride or logging your own solo ride, check out the Smart Commute website for information on how to get involved.

Group Ride Leaders

Consider helping others discover the joys of commuting by bike and become a Group Ride Leader. Group Ride Leaders are comfortable commuting by bike and interested in:

–  Promoting Hamilton as a “cycling and active community”
–  Helping others build their cycling confidence
–  Meeting other cyclists and sharing experiences
–  Learning more about what the city is doing to promote cycling

If this sounds like you, then sign up as a Group Ride Leader for Bike to Work Day on May 30th.  Leaders will be paired with Assistant Ride Leaders to guide groups from a designated gathering point to Gore Park for the Bike to Work Day Celebration. 

Group Rides

A list of Group Ride departure locations and corresponding times can be found on the Smart Commute website.

Please consider being a Group Ride Leader and sign up on Smart Commute’s website.

Clean Air is a Yard Away – Lawn Mower Exchange Events

Our April Clean Air is a Yard Away events were a success as reported by John Kernaghan on Open File Hamilton (May 5, 2011 – Folks clear the air by giving up trusted mowers).

Be sure to come out to our next event on Saturday May 14th from 10am to 4pm at RONA Parkdale (633 Parkdale Ave North in Hamilton).

Clean Air is a Yard Away events with RONA stores offer a $50 instant rebate on a new, eco-friendly model when an older gas powered lawnmower is turned in.  Please take out the fuel and oil and recycle these at a City of Hamilton Community Recycling Centre – then bring us the old lawnmower.

We’re doing this because Canadian’s gas powered lawn equipment dump about 80,000 tonnes of harmful emissions into our air yearly it is important to get these dirty old machines out of commission.  

Only with the help of our partners at RONA Waterdown, RONA Parkdale, and Green Circle Recycling in Waterdown can Green Venture offer this type of program.

Check out Green Venture’s Small Engine webpage for more info and facsheets on small engines and air quality.

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