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What is the Air Quality Health Index?

Often called the AQHI, the Air Quality Health Index is a rating system that helps us better understand the quality of the air we are breathing each day and how it affects our health. The index ranks each day’s air quality and assigns it a certain colour or number. Every citizen can access these rating online (website: or by calling 905-543-1136.

For example, on days when air quality is poor (generally on some of the hottest summer days) the rating will be a 10 (or red) and officials suggest that anyone at risk (such as people with heart or breathing problems) should avoid being active outside while the general population should keep outside activity to a minimum.

Air Quality Health Index

Air Quality Health Index

As we write this, Hamilton’s AQHI is a 3 (or blue) meaning it is a great day for everyone to enjoy outdoor activity.

Learn more about AQHI and how to check readings at Hamilton specific reading can be found along with our weather. 

You can also learn more about air quality and how it affects your health from CleanAir Hamilton.

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