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Green Venture’s Totally Transit Program

Bikes on the Bus

Taking the bus is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to get around our city. The HSR carries millions of passengers each year and operates comprehensive bus routes throughout Hamilton.

Green Venture has been offering HSR bus education programs since 2007 through the Totally Transit programs for kids and older adults. Green Venture has reached over 5,000 students through this program and [insert number] older adults.

The Totally Transit Kids program introduces Grade 5 students to the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) transit system and provides hands-on bus experience.  The program stimulates a discussion on the positive environmental (air quality, climate change, energy conservation) and social (human health, accessibility) impacts associated with choosing active and sustainable transportation.  Students learn how to ride the HSR responsibly and understand why it is important to choose sustainable transportation.

There are three lesson options that teachers may choose from:

Option 1:

Green Venture offers Totally Transit Kids in combination with an EcoHouse Sustainability Tour.  A chartered HSR bus is used as transportation to and from EcoHouse.

Option 2:

Green Venture offers Totally Transit Kids as part of a full day of programming in conjunction with the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology.  A chartered HSR bus is used as transportation between the two venues.

Option 3:

Green Venture offers Totally Transit Kids by bringing a chartered HSR bus to their school or other community venue.

Book your Totally Transit Kids program by contacting Virginia Stonehouse, Education Coordinator at Green Venture at 905 540-8787×154 or email

Learn more about Green Venture school programs by visiting our website

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