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Climate Change Action of the Month: Depave Paradise

On September 27th and October 4th, St. Margaret Mary Catholic Elementary School and Green Venture, a local not-for-profit, teamed up to host Hamilton’s second and largest Depave Paradise.

On September 27th, a crew of over 30 staff, students, parents, volunteers and members of the community removed over 1400 square feet of asphalt from the schoolyard to increase the school’s green, play space.On October 4th, over 50 volunteers came back to fill the space with a native species rain garden.

This was Green Venture’s biggest Depave Paradise project after Depaving St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School in 2012 and it will add to the over 10,000 square feet depaved across Canada through the Depave Paradise program. To learn more, please visit

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For pictures from the Depave Day on September 27th, click here. For pictures from the Planting Day on October 4th, click here.
Removing asphalt and concrete renews and beautifies community spaces. Demonstration projects like St. Margaret Mary help to build sense of community and motivate participants to consider other depaving projects. Beyond the community building, the benefits of depaving are numerous. They include:
  • Increasing green, community space by adding in a natural playgrounds, community vegetable gardens, trees, rain gardens, or other permeable surfaces
  • Decreasing the heat island effect to help cool things down
  • Decreasing the runoff of stormwater to lower its impacts on our sewers and help improve our community’s water quality

We would like to give CN EcoConnexions: From the Ground Up and Shell Fuelling Change a huge thank you for their generous support of this project.



This summer BARC, in conjunction with partners Green Venture, City of Hamilton Parks Department, Ontario Trillium Foundation, McMaster University’s URBAN project and all levels of government, will operate a water information kiosk at Bayfront Park.

Kiosk at Bayfront Park will serve as an interim Waterfront Centre - a partnership with Bay Area Restoration Council (BARC), Green Venture, and others.

A first step toward a full-fledged walk-in centre to communicate with the public about water-related matters in our Harbour and its watershed, the kiosk will offer information on beaches, waterfowl, fish consumption, water quality, trails,

recreation and what the public can do to help.  Situated near the boat launch and at the entrance to the Waterfront Trail, many citizens will be exposed to key messages about our environment.

Please join us for a brief opening ceremony at the kiosk TODAY!  If unsure of its location, please call the BARC office at 905-527-7111.

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